Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The last Prince of Wa passed away.

The family and relatives of Sao Maha Hsang, the former prince of Wiang Ngeun, who passed away on Monday, 29 October, have decided to hold his cremation on Sunday, 4 November, according to his widow Nang Janu. Initially, the funeral had been planned to be held in mid-November, as traditionally the Shan-Thai 11th Lunar Month (mid October-mid November) has been regarded as the period when digging is taboo. “We have now decided to keep his ashes in an urn until such time when it is appropriate to be entombed,” says the 58-year old Nang Janu. “I would therefore like to invite all of his former colleagues and friends to the funeral,” she continued. “My problem is that I can’t speak Burmese, but I hope they will forgive me for my ineptitude.” The procession will be moving from Wat Thakradard temple in Chiangmai’s Sanphisua tract to the nearby cemetery at 13:00 on Sunday. Former Shan leaders Sao Hsai Keow and Sao Seng Suk had also been cremated at the same cemetery. Maha Hsang, who had just turned 61 when he died, was the leader of the Wa National Organization (WNO), a close ally of the Shan State Army (SSA) and a member of the National Democratic Front (NDF).
1962 : Wiang Ngeun becomes Kakweye (militia)
1964 : Attends military training at Mae Salong, Chiangrai province
1966 : Appointed Deputy Commander of Wiang Ngeun force
1967 : Becomes prince following death of ruling prince half brother
Maha Khawng
1968 : Fights against communist takeover
1971 : Defeated, he founds base in Tangyan on the west bank of the
1973 : Forced by the Burma Army to surrender, he joins Law
Hsinghan to wage armed struggle against the Burma Army
1976 : Establishes Wa National Organization (WNO)/ Wa National
Army (WNA) at Namonlong, opposite Maehongson
1978 : Allied to Shan United Revolutionary Army (SURA)
1981 : Establishes base at Loi Wa Her, Mae Aw, opposite
Maehongson; joins hands with other Wa groups that strengthens the WNO
1983 : WNO becomes member of National Democratic Front (NDF)
1989 : Leads NDF delegation to Panghsang following the Wa mutiny
against the Communist Party of Burma (CPB); detained by the
United Wa State Army (UWSA); escapes
1995 : Elected as Vice Chairman of NDF
1998 : Forms United Nationalities Shan State Army (UNSSA): Shan, Wa, Lahu, PaO and Palaung
2000 : Forms Shan State Constitution Drafting Commission (SSCDC)
2005 : Arrested by Thai police on false charge that he collaborates
with druglord Wei Xuegang
2007 : (29 October) passes away of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary
Disease (COPD) at 00:55

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