Friday, October 29, 2010

New Post???

I havent update my blog for a while. There are a lot of things happened and I am tied up with a lot of things to be able to catch up. I hope there will be equality and freedom to all people and a resolution to protect the human being treated as things that worth nothing.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The oil and gas line across Myanmar to China.

How many will be killed again for this pipe line? This article show the reason that Communist China wants Burma to be under the control of the Juntas.

China plans to build major oil, gas pipeline across Myanmar

China today announced revival of its plan to build a giant USD 2.9 billion oil and gas pipeline across Myanmar, in a major move to get a toehold on emerging Asian energy markets.

China, which has outbid Indian oil companies in a number of major contracts in Myanmar, said the work on the new pipeline connecting Myanmar with its Yunnan province would begin early next year, the China Daily newspaper reported today.

Quoting Chinese oil companies' officials, it said that the project, a joint venture between China and Myanmar, was being undertaken to reduce Beijing's over-dependence on energy transportation from the Gulf through the straits of Malacca.

The project includes constructing two separate pipelines one worth USD 1.5 billion oil pipeline and the other USD 1.4 billion gas pipeline, with the country's major China Natural Petroleum Corporation holding a 50.9 per cent stake in the project.

The remaining stake would be held by Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprises.

Once completed, the pipeline is expected to provide an alternative route for China's crude import from West Asia and Africa through the straits of Malacca.

Currently, 80 per cent of China's crude imports of 200 million tonnes pass through the straits of Malacca. According to international energy agencies projections, China and India are going to be world's leading importers of oil and gas in next 10 years.

China plans to extend its oil and gas pipelines by 60 per cent by 2010. It has already made operational the first West-East gas pipeline in 2004 and the work on the second such project has already began in February this year.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Is Burma forgotten?

These days all the news are about N Korea and Iran's nuclear problem, Bhutto, Sudan, Afghanistan. It is coming back as the same thing after 1988 uprising which had been forgotten by the International community for almost 20 years. Genocide, dislocatons, human right abuse got worse. I wish we all learn that as a lesson. We have to make sure people do not forget about us.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

UN is impatient?

BANGKOK, Thailand - U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned Myanmar the international community was running out of patience with its authoritarian regime, saying Monday the junta must embrace democracy and stop inflicting suffering on its own people.
"I know the international community is very much impatient, and our patience is running out," Ban told a news conference in Bangkok, Thailand.

"The people of Myanmar have suffered from isolation for such a long time and it's high time now that the Myanmar authorities and the people ... enjoy democracy and freedom."

A U.N. human rights envoy said Friday that Myanmar's crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in September killed at least 31 people, twice the toll acknowledged by the junta. The envoy, Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, also said that 650 people remained in custody from the crackdown and another 74 people were missing.

The United Nations and governments around the world expressed outrage after the junta's troops opened fire on pro-democracy protests, which were led by Buddhist monks.

Rights groups have reported continued arrests and abuse, despite claims by the junta that the crackdown has stopped.

"I would like to emphasize that the return to statue quo is not acceptable, and is politically unsustainable," Ban said.

He appealed to the 10-nation Association of Southeast Asian Nations to play a special role in pushing Myanmar — one of its members — toward democratic reforms.

"We need ASEAN's special cooperation," Ban said. "ASEAN has a special political responsibility in promoting further democratization."

ASEAN, which has a stance of not interfering with its members' domestic affairs, has been criticized for not doing enough to pressure Myanmar's military leaders.

Ibrahim Gambari, the U.N.'s special envoy to Myanmar, has toured Southeast Asian countries in recent weeks but failed to get any governments to take a strong public line against their neighbor.

ASEAN and Human Right.

While ASEAN was telling Burma about political reform, what is happening in Malaysia is a proof that Burma will still be the same hence there is no freedom among the neighboring countires and ASEAN, which Burma is belong to. Below is the latest news from Malaysia.
Malaysian police Tuesday arrested at least 12 protesters including several opposition leaders as they defied a ban and attempted to hand a petition to parliament.
The arrests are the latest in a series of government crackdowns on recent protests and street demonstrations that have rocked the capital.

They also come one day after Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he would sacrifice public freedom to maintain security in the wake of the mass rallies that have prompted legal action against the organisers.

Sentul district police chief Sofian Yasin said 12 people have been arrested so far while officials from opposition party Keadilan said 21 have been detained, including a 13-year-old boy.

More than 400 police surrounded the parliament to block the electoral reform campaigners who were forced to march there on foot after all roads leading to the building were closed off.

Trees lining the streets were posted with copies of a court order obtained by police that banned the campaigners from parliament.

"The authorities should not have done this. They should have been given the right to hand over a memorandum. After all, that's all they just wanted to do," Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Keadilan president and opposition MP, told AFP.

Among opposition leaders arrested were the secretary-general of Keadilan and its information officer and a head of the hardline Pan-Malaysia Islamic Party.

The petition was eventually given to opposition members of parliament to be passed to the speaker.

The memorandum urges lawmakers to reject a proposed amendment to the constitution to extend the retirement age from 65 to 66 years for Election Commission officers.

The protesters claim this would allow the extension of tenure of election commission chairman Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman for another one and a half years.

"Abdul Rashid, whose service is continuously marred with recurring electoral frauds and manipulations, is not fit for the job and must go immediately," the petition stated.

Cabinet minister Nazri Aziz defended the police action.

"They want to come and demonstrate today's amendment to the constitution. So they want to come in big numbers. We will not allow that," he told reporters at parliament.

"We have taken action against them and we are using the court system to prosecute these people," Nazri said.

Last month, nearly 30,000 demonstrators calling for free and fair elections massed in the capital in a protest led by an alliance of opposition parties and civil society groups.

In a separate rally, thousands of ethnic Indians protested alleged discrimination by Muslim Malays who dominate the population.

Police dispersed the crowds with tear gas and water cannons and arrested scores of demonstrators.

Dozens of government critics have since been rounded up and now face trial on charges including attempted murder and sedition, and the premier has threatened to invoke draconian internal security laws that allow detention without trial.(AFP)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Burma Vs. North Korea.

Why they are tied again? Only one reason is Uranium. Burmese Juntas were trying to develop Nuclear Technology to become Modern Tatmadaw(Army). The purchase of MIG 29s from Russia (for defence against Western Allies Invasion), sending the military officers for further study in Russia mostly Sience including Material Science. The Russian are not that dumb to give away Nuclear Technology.
At last come the Hero Kim Jong Ii which ruled the country with Iron Fist, lock the nation away from outside world allied China's Communists who developed Nuclear technology within. Is North Korea going to give away their technology? may be. As we tknow that a factory owner in N. Korea who has 13 phone lines made international call from his basement was sentenced to death in November and he is shot dead in public while thousands watch.
Are they trying to change Burma to this situation? Even it is not going to happen. We are the people who love freedom.
Free Burma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YANGON, Myanmar - North Korea's first ambassador to Myanmar after a 24-year diplomatic rupture has taken up his post, state media reported Saturday.
Myanmar and North Korea — both Asian pariah states due to their reputations for repression — agreed to resume diplomatic ties when North Korea's Vice Foreign Minister Kim Yong Il visited the military-ruled nation in April.

Myanmar and North Korea severed their diplomatic relations in 1983, after North Korean commandos carried out a bombing during a visit to Myanmar by South Korea's then-President Chun Doo-hwan. Chun was unhurt, but 21 other people died, including four South Korean Cabinet ministers.

The countries' relations have warmed in recent years as Pyongyang has become a supplier to Myanmar's military. But both countries have chilly relations with the West.

Meanwhile, recent progress on nuclear disarmament in North Korea has improved the country's relationship with the international community, though it has long been isolated from the West and cut off from much of the world. North Korea agreed in February to disable its nuclear programs in return for energy aid and other benefits.

The state-run New Light of Myanmar newspaper said the new ambassador, Kim Sok Chol, 52, presented his credentials to Senior Gen. Than Shwe at a ceremony Friday in the capital, Naypyitaw.

Details of North Korea-Myanmar dealings are hard to verify because the two nations are among the world's most secretive.

Researchers cite impoverished North Korea as a source of last resort for arms buyers who cannot purchase them elsewhere. Most Western nations embargo arms sales to Myanmar due to its poor human rights record and the junta's failure to hand over power to a democratically elected government.

The Arms Transfer Project of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute claims Pyongyang delivered 16 large artillery pieces to Myanmar in 1999. Reports in publications such as Jane's Intelligence Review and the Far Eastern Economic Review suggest much more extensive dealings.( Thanks to AP News)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

ASEAN and Burma's democracy.

While we are focusing about ASEAN and other countries involvements in Burma's internal affiair is not relevent as they said. But hail to the Madam President of the Philippines. She was the only outspoken person in ASEAN countries which respect democracy and human rights. Singapore did not even let Burmese get into Shangri La Hotel while others are going in and out without any question asked. Why do they have to worry about Burma's freedom? Are they worried the world might know that there is no Democracy in Southeast Asia?
Singapore is a Monarchy country.( There is no freedom of speech)
Malaysia is repressive.( There was evidence that they cracked down on demonstratorts)
Laos is Maoist.( There are lots of refugees in Thailand)
China is Communist.( Why people are trying to escape from China if their system is perfect)
Indonesia is dealing with conflict and corruption.
Thailand is dealing with instability and still the middle home for all the refugees around the region.
Vietnam still cannot wake up.
Brunei is a Kingdom which doesnt need anything from the Juntas.
Cambodia is corrupted but now taking action upon crime against humanity which is sample for the Juntas.
They are going to help build Burma? Let there be freedom in own house.
This is just my own thought and there is no one's idea or involvement in this Blog and if there is some offence, I would like to ask for apology first.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What about Than Shwe and his followers?

In Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge leaders has been taken into custody and are being brought to justice. What about Burma(Myanmar)? More than 40 years, the crime they had committed is more than enough and it is countless. Who will bring them to Justice?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Losts of them are overseas and in US.

Recently an e-mail surfaced from Ta Zay’s 19-year-old son Htet Tay Za, part of which was published in “The First Post Daily Magazine” on November 6th, 2007.
Photographed embracing scantly clad girls, the boy allegedly wrote:

“U.S. bans us. We're still f---ing cool in Singapore. See my photos? We're sitting on the whole Burmese GDP. We've got timber, gems and gas to be sold to other countries like Singapore, China, India and Russia. … My brother is rocking on his red brand new Lamborghini Gallardo with hot sexy Western chicks …Come on with Bagan (Air Bagan). It is cheaper than others, right? One U.S. $ makes a lot differences (sic) in Burmese currency. And I need another Ferrari to rock on!”

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Myanmar Juntas rejected 3 party talk.Is this the road map to freedom?

YANGON, Myanmar - The military junta on Tuesday rejected proposed three-party talks that would have included pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, saying it refuses to bow to "big power bullies."
It also seemed likely that U.N. diplomat Ibrahim Gambari would leave Myanmar Thursday without having met with the country's most powerful figure — junta chief Senior Gen. Than Shwe.
Seeking political reform and reconciliation between the ruling military and pro-democracy forces, Gambari had proposed a meeting among Suu Kyi, a regime representative and himself.
Mr. Gambari was able to meet separately with both Nobel Prize winner Suu Kyi, who remains under house arrest, and Than Shwe.
But Kyaw Hsan told Gambari Tuesday that the envoy's earlier visit to Myanmar "did not bear fruit as we had expected," and was followed by sanctions from the United States, Australia and the European Union as well as condemnation from the U.N. Security Council.
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed concern later Tuesday at the "lack of progress" in Gambari's latest mission.
Ban said he had instructed Gambari to get talks going between Suu Kyi and Myanmar's leadership, seek the release of all detained monks,students and other demonstrators, and press the government to "take necessary democratic measures."