Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What about genocide?

I was only 7 years old in a town name Namtu (44 Miles from Lashio) in northern Shan State, we heard that everyone in every house to get on the streets to cheer and welcome the the Fleet 99 which won the battle against ethnic rebels ( which we call freedom fighters). I still cannot forget what I have seen on the day and still see those in my dreams (might be able to call nightmares). A dead body exposed to people showing that if you defy us, you will end up like this. The old people can easily say that they are normal villagers tied up at the necks in row and carrying the heavy weapons and rations for the inhuman soldiers.
I was a kid and looking around those people, an old man asked me in our Shan language that he would like to have a glass of water. I was a kid and how can I understand the politics? I took a tin cup I found on the water pot and took it to that old man. There come a country loving soldier knocked dwon my cup and told me not to feed them at all.
The town was forced to get on the streets to look at the killing of our own people.
What can we say if they really love their people or it is part of the genocide?
That happened in 1977/78 summer.
This is the map of Namtu which you cannot see. Only the arrow

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jutta said...

great idea that one of ethnic ppl has an own blog.i,m from europe but from the older generation,so i know the situation very well.
all ethnics have to stay united now,forget political discussions,

all of you and democratic activists from the world have to force the Junta on a table.than we need somebody ,watching them inside.i had a dream FREE BURMA special thx to burmarangers and knu protecting villages