Thursday, November 22, 2007

ASEAN and Burma's democracy.

While we are focusing about ASEAN and other countries involvements in Burma's internal affiair is not relevent as they said. But hail to the Madam President of the Philippines. She was the only outspoken person in ASEAN countries which respect democracy and human rights. Singapore did not even let Burmese get into Shangri La Hotel while others are going in and out without any question asked. Why do they have to worry about Burma's freedom? Are they worried the world might know that there is no Democracy in Southeast Asia?
Singapore is a Monarchy country.( There is no freedom of speech)
Malaysia is repressive.( There was evidence that they cracked down on demonstratorts)
Laos is Maoist.( There are lots of refugees in Thailand)
China is Communist.( Why people are trying to escape from China if their system is perfect)
Indonesia is dealing with conflict and corruption.
Thailand is dealing with instability and still the middle home for all the refugees around the region.
Vietnam still cannot wake up.
Brunei is a Kingdom which doesnt need anything from the Juntas.
Cambodia is corrupted but now taking action upon crime against humanity which is sample for the Juntas.
They are going to help build Burma? Let there be freedom in own house.
This is just my own thought and there is no one's idea or involvement in this Blog and if there is some offence, I would like to ask for apology first.

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