Saturday, December 8, 2007

Burma Vs. North Korea.

Why they are tied again? Only one reason is Uranium. Burmese Juntas were trying to develop Nuclear Technology to become Modern Tatmadaw(Army). The purchase of MIG 29s from Russia (for defence against Western Allies Invasion), sending the military officers for further study in Russia mostly Sience including Material Science. The Russian are not that dumb to give away Nuclear Technology.
At last come the Hero Kim Jong Ii which ruled the country with Iron Fist, lock the nation away from outside world allied China's Communists who developed Nuclear technology within. Is North Korea going to give away their technology? may be. As we tknow that a factory owner in N. Korea who has 13 phone lines made international call from his basement was sentenced to death in November and he is shot dead in public while thousands watch.
Are they trying to change Burma to this situation? Even it is not going to happen. We are the people who love freedom.
Free Burma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YANGON, Myanmar - North Korea's first ambassador to Myanmar after a 24-year diplomatic rupture has taken up his post, state media reported Saturday.
Myanmar and North Korea — both Asian pariah states due to their reputations for repression — agreed to resume diplomatic ties when North Korea's Vice Foreign Minister Kim Yong Il visited the military-ruled nation in April.

Myanmar and North Korea severed their diplomatic relations in 1983, after North Korean commandos carried out a bombing during a visit to Myanmar by South Korea's then-President Chun Doo-hwan. Chun was unhurt, but 21 other people died, including four South Korean Cabinet ministers.

The countries' relations have warmed in recent years as Pyongyang has become a supplier to Myanmar's military. But both countries have chilly relations with the West.

Meanwhile, recent progress on nuclear disarmament in North Korea has improved the country's relationship with the international community, though it has long been isolated from the West and cut off from much of the world. North Korea agreed in February to disable its nuclear programs in return for energy aid and other benefits.

The state-run New Light of Myanmar newspaper said the new ambassador, Kim Sok Chol, 52, presented his credentials to Senior Gen. Than Shwe at a ceremony Friday in the capital, Naypyitaw.

Details of North Korea-Myanmar dealings are hard to verify because the two nations are among the world's most secretive.

Researchers cite impoverished North Korea as a source of last resort for arms buyers who cannot purchase them elsewhere. Most Western nations embargo arms sales to Myanmar due to its poor human rights record and the junta's failure to hand over power to a democratically elected government.

The Arms Transfer Project of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute claims Pyongyang delivered 16 large artillery pieces to Myanmar in 1999. Reports in publications such as Jane's Intelligence Review and the Far Eastern Economic Review suggest much more extensive dealings.( Thanks to AP News)

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